Activites of Zero Waste Week at UTFPR

Zero Waste Week has an ethical, economic and visionary goal, and envisions the maxime of NO GENERATION – REDUCTION – REUSE – RECYCLING AND COMPOSTING – PROPER TREATMENT with co-responsible actors throughout the economic chain.

UTFPR participates with various activites in Zero Waste Week 2016 – here we’re working as partners!


The whole week there will be a photo exhibition on climate change in Curitiba in the patio of UTFPR Centre, organized by Professor Tamara van Kaick and TECSOL.

On Monday, 10/24 14h-17h there will be a training on the Food Life Cycle with the facilitator Prof. Cassia Ugaya (DAMEC) in Block J of UTFPR-Ecoville.

On Tuesday, 25/10 10-12 AM there will be a workshop in English at the Green Office of UTFPR Central Campus. The Workshop: Human Dependence on Ecosystem Services will be given by researchers from the Studio Cities and Biodiversity: the Finnish ecologist Elina Sorri, the German political scientist Niklas Weins and the landscape architect Leticia Costa.

On Thursday, 27/10 from 9-12h a vermicomposting seminar is hosted by the biologist Ana Claudia Vaz Nuernberg (PPGCTA) in the Green Office of UTFPR Central Campus.

But that’s not all!

On Monday, October 31st from 8h30-12hthere is the Workshop: Food Cycle in Curitiba facilitated by representatives of UTFPR, UFPR, PUC-PR, UP and KTH (Sweden) at the Auditorium of the Municipal Market (Av Sete de Setembro, 1865 – Center).

And on Friday, November 4th there will be a lecture on: the Circular Economy in practice with Prof. Christian Silva (DAGEE, PPGTE, PGP) and Arlinda Cezar Matos Institute Venturi. It will be a debate which is part of PPGTE seminars. The place will be UTFPR-Central Campus, in the room A-302.


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