Debate and insights on a Circular Economy

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Last Friday (Nov. 4th) a discussion on Circular Economy was held in the PPGTE seminar. The conversation with students of the Post-Graduate Program in Technology and Society was part of the events of Zero Waste Week 2016.

In his lecture Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva first presentedjournal_of_business_ethics the concept of the Circular Economy and some implications for economic, social and ecological aspects. Based on the text “The Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Concept and Application in a Global Context” by Alan Murray, Keith Skene and Kathryn Haynes the concepts of efficiency and resource use were discussed, as well as implications for countries like China, where practical public policies have already been implemented.

In the second part of the seminar the Finnish visiting researcher, sitra-study-coverJulius Krötzl, presented the study “The opportunities of a circular economy for Finland” by The Finnish Innovation Fund (SITRA) and the consultancy McKinsey. The students engaged in dabates with the two speakers about the challenges in the study of impacts on the consumer side, but also about the implications on a broader scale in the formulation of public policies.

Julius sums up his experience like this:

“For me it was interesting to learn a lot about Circular Economy and it’s implications in Finland in particular, as I hadn’t had a lot of experience in this area before. For further research it would be also interesting to compare the possibilities of Circular Economy between Finland and Brazil.”



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