IMAP Book: State, Planning and Public Administration in Brazil

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The Municipal Institute of Public Administration (IMAP) has published the book “State, Planning and Public Administration in Brazil”, which has, among others, contributions from Professor Christian Luiz da Silva. The themes developed in the book involve our lines of research:


  1. Reflection on the Challenges of the Brazilian Public Administration in the 21st Century
  2. Citizen Participation in the Design and Evaluation of Public Policies
  3. The Possibility of Intersectorial Public Policies
  4. Urban Spaces and Social Governance: Challenges for Participatory Management
  5. Future of Cities
  6. Budgetary planning
  7. What kind of State is Needed for Brazil in the 21st Century?

“Given the growing complexity of citizen demands and the growing integration of the Municipality of Curitiba with its Metropolitan Region, IMAP helps to think about, understand and transform the Municipal Public Administration. It contributes to the improvement of methodologies and tools to supporting governance, in the development of the structuring and functioning of municipal administration and, through the School of Public Administration, enables officials and the community to act in a critical, autonomous and socially responsible way.”


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