Seminar “Greening Jobs by the Way of Development”

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On Friday, May 26 of 2017, the PPGTE / UTFPR an invitation from prof. Dr. Christian Luiz da Silva, from PD2T, the interesting seminar with the theme “Greening Jobs by the Way of Development” by Prof. Dr. Paulo Afonso Bracarense Costa.

The lecture dealt with the book of the same title, based on his master’s degree in public policies developed at the Universities of Humboldt in Berlin and Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), in which the author presents a proposal for application of the concepts of employment and green work, as well as the indicator of density of green jobs, allowing a more precise construction on jobs and their environmental impact. An interesting discussion on possibilities of applying the indicator followed the lecture.


Inaugural lecture of PPGTE


On Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 08:30 at the inaugural lecture of PPGTE the official launch of the 8th International Forum on Solid Waste will take place in the Mini Auditorium of UTFPR Centro, Curitiba.

There will be a keynote address by Prof. Naná Mininni Medina (Uruguay) on the topic “Public Environmental Policy: Effectiveness from Environmental Education”


Master thesis defenses of our group

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At the beginning of February (Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th) several of the members of our group will defend their master’s theses. Check below for more details on the issues of those public defenses:

Environmental licensing and the diffusion of conflicts: a multicase study of hydroelectric power projects in the state of Paraná

PPGTE (Masters): Flávia de Faria Gomes, 02/02/2017 from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, Room C-301


Source: Blog do Senildo Melo

The strategic planning of a federal university hospital and its regional performance in public health policies

PGP (Master degree): Luana de Assis, 07/02/2017 from 09h00 to 12h00, Room A-302


Source: Fluxo Consultória

Electric energy as an instrument of human development and a challenge to the National Energy Plan

PGP (Masters): Márcio Eduardo Zuba 08/02/2017 from 09h00 to 12h00 Room A-302


Source: InterAmerican Clean Energy Institute


Activites of Zero Waste Week at UTFPR

Zero Waste Week has an ethical, economic and visionary goal, and envisions the maxime of NO GENERATION – REDUCTION – REUSE – RECYCLING AND COMPOSTING – PROPER TREATMENT with co-responsible actors throughout the economic chain.

UTFPR participates with various activites in Zero Waste Week 2016 – here we’re working as partners!


The whole week there will be a photo exhibition on climate change in Curitiba in the patio of UTFPR Centre, organized by Professor Tamara van Kaick and TECSOL.

On Monday, 10/24 14h-17h there will be a training on the Food Life Cycle with the facilitator Prof. Cassia Ugaya (DAMEC) in Block J of UTFPR-Ecoville.

On Tuesday, 25/10 10-12 AM there will be a workshop in English at the Green Office of UTFPR Central Campus. The Workshop: Human Dependence on Ecosystem Services will be given by researchers from the Studio Cities and Biodiversity: the Finnish ecologist Elina Sorri, the German political scientist Niklas Weins and the landscape architect Leticia Costa.

On Thursday, 27/10 from 9-12h a vermicomposting seminar is hosted by the biologist Ana Claudia Vaz Nuernberg (PPGCTA) in the Green Office of UTFPR Central Campus.

But that’s not all!

On Monday, October 31st from 8h30-12hthere is the Workshop: Food Cycle in Curitiba facilitated by representatives of UTFPR, UFPR, PUC-PR, UP and KTH (Sweden) at the Auditorium of the Municipal Market (Av Sete de Setembro, 1865 – Center).

And on Friday, November 4th there will be a lecture on: the Circular Economy in practice with Prof. Christian Silva (DAGEE, PPGTE, PGP) and Arlinda Cezar Matos Institute Venturi. It will be a debate which is part of PPGTE seminars. The place will be UTFPR-Central Campus, in the room A-302.