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Book: National Policy on Solid Waste: Implementation and Monitoring of Urban Waste

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The Energy and Environment Institute from USP, together with the National Solid Waste Policy Observatory, published the book National Policy on Solid Waste: Implementation and Monitoring of Urban Waste.

The publication has a chapter titled “Multidimensional indicators of the Municipal Policy of Integrated Management of urban solid waste of Brazilian capitals: a panorama from 2008 to 2014” and result of the activities of the group. Congratulations to the authors Christian Luiz da Silva, Gabriel Massao Fugii, Alain Hernandez Santoyo, Izabel Biernaski and Ana Paula Myszczuk.

See two more books by the institute on Water Resources and Environmental Governance on the page: https://www.saneamentobasico.com.br/novos-livros-politicas-ambientais/

Inaugural lecture of PPGTE


On Wednesday 8 March 2017 at 08:30 at the inaugural lecture of PPGTE the official launch of the 8th International Forum on Solid Waste will take place in the Mini Auditorium of UTFPR Centro, Curitiba.

There will be a keynote address by Prof. Naná Mininni Medina (Uruguay) on the topic “Public Environmental Policy: Effectiveness from Environmental Education”


Participation of Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva at the Meeting of Professional Masters of Medicine at UFam

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Between the 16th and 18th of February 2017, Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva, pd2t-manaus-mestr-profleader of our research group, participated at the 2. Meeting of Professional Masters of Medicine of Capes III at the Federal University of Amazonas. The theme of the meeting was the “Social, Political and Economic Impact of Surgery”.

Check the event page here to know more.

In the following there are some impressions of Professor Christian’s lecture and with the title “Economic Impact of Medical Masters of Medicine III – A Successful Experience”

Master thesis defenses of our group

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At the beginning of February (Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th) several of the members of our group will defend their master’s theses. Check below for more details on the issues of those public defenses:

Environmental licensing and the diffusion of conflicts: a multicase study of hydroelectric power projects in the state of Paraná

PPGTE (Masters): Flávia de Faria Gomes, 02/02/2017 from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm, Room C-301


Source: Blog do Senildo Melo

The strategic planning of a federal university hospital and its regional performance in public health policies

PGP (Master degree): Luana de Assis, 07/02/2017 from 09h00 to 12h00, Room A-302


Source: Fluxo Consultória

Electric energy as an instrument of human development and a challenge to the National Energy Plan

PGP (Masters): Márcio Eduardo Zuba 08/02/2017 from 09h00 to 12h00 Room A-302


Source: InterAmerican Clean Energy Institute


What do cities do with waste?

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In issue Nº 4 (Nov. 2016) of the “Paraná Does Science” Journal of the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Araucária Foundation raised the question: “What do cities do with parana-faz-cienciagarbage?” and refers to our research linked to the project Zero Waste Cities. See pages 31-33 of this edition for the article about our research and the project.

Developed by researchers at the Curitiba Campus of the Federal Technological University of Paraná (UTFPR), the Lixo Zero Cities project is evaluating whether Brazilian capital meets the requirements of the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS), instituted in 2010. One of the objectives is to combine research and outreach to produce 27 reports – one for each state capital – that present the situation of integrated urban solid waste management of these municipalities, from more than 30 indicators created by the researchers.

The first report, referring to Curitiba, was already completed and released in June 2016. The group is currently finalizing the Porto Alegre report. The next capitals to be evaluated will be São Paulo, Salvador and Belo Horizonte …

… Read the complete edition of the Paraná Faz Ciência Journal here

Check out the previous blog post on the topic: “The Challenge of Recycling in Curitiba: ‘Garbage that is not Garbage’” [English version will be available soon]reciclagem-christian-daniel-castellano

Debate and insights on a Circular Economy

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Last Friday (Nov. 4th) a discussion on Circular Economy was held in the PPGTE seminar. The conversation with students of the Post-Graduate Program in Technology and Society was part of the events of Zero Waste Week 2016.

In his lecture Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva first presentedjournal_of_business_ethics the concept of the Circular Economy and some implications for economic, social and ecological aspects. Based on the text “The Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Concept and Application in a Global Context” by Alan Murray, Keith Skene and Kathryn Haynes the concepts of efficiency and resource use were discussed, as well as implications for countries like China, where practical public policies have already been implemented.

In the second part of the seminar the Finnish visiting researcher, sitra-study-coverJulius Krötzl, presented the study “The opportunities of a circular economy for Finland” by The Finnish Innovation Fund (SITRA) and the consultancy McKinsey. The students engaged in dabates with the two speakers about the challenges in the study of impacts on the consumer side, but also about the implications on a broader scale in the formulation of public policies.

Julius sums up his experience like this:

“For me it was interesting to learn a lot about Circular Economy and it’s implications in Finland in particular, as I hadn’t had a lot of experience in this area before. For further research it would be also interesting to compare the possibilities of Circular Economy between Finland and Brazil.”