Seminar “Greening Jobs by the Way of Development”

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On Friday, May 26 of 2017, the PPGTE / UTFPR an invitation from prof. Dr. Christian Luiz da Silva, from PD2T, the interesting seminar with the theme “Greening Jobs by the Way of Development” by Prof. Dr. Paulo Afonso Bracarense Costa.

The lecture dealt with the book of the same title, based on his master’s degree in public policies developed at the Universities of Humboldt in Berlin and Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), in which the author presents a proposal for application of the concepts of employment and green work, as well as the indicator of density of green jobs, allowing a more precise construction on jobs and their environmental impact. An interesting discussion on possibilities of applying the indicator followed the lecture.


Participation of Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva at the Meeting of Professional Masters of Medicine at UFam

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Between the 16th and 18th of February 2017, Prof. Christian Luiz da Silva, pd2t-manaus-mestr-profleader of our research group, participated at the 2. Meeting of Professional Masters of Medicine of Capes III at the Federal University of Amazonas. The theme of the meeting was the “Social, Political and Economic Impact of Surgery”.

Check the event page here to know more.

In the following there are some impressions of Professor Christian’s lecture and with the title “Economic Impact of Medical Masters of Medicine III – A Successful Experience”